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Stroller Lionelo Amber 3in1 Blue Navy - ProSport

Stroller Lionelo Amber 3in1 Blue Navy - ProSport

Stroller Lionelo Amber 3in1 Blue Navy - ProSport

Stroller Lionelo Amber 3in1 Blue Navy - ProSport

Stroller Lionelo Amber 3in1 Blue Navy - ProSport
Stroller Lionelo Amber 3in1 Blue Navy - ProSport
560 45 000
NB! Avatud E-L kl. 10-18
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26.95€ 37.71€
Stroller Lionelo Amber 3in1 Blue Navy

Stroller Lionelo Amber 3in1 Blue Navy

7 436.90€
KM-ta: 358.11€
NB! Pildid on illustratiivsed!The versatile Amber 3 in 1 stroller is an excellent proposition for parents looking for universal solutions. Comfortable and functional connection of the gondola with a [Loe veel...]
Stroller Lionelo Amber 3in1 Blue Navy
Suuruste info
Kuumakse al. 15.47 EUR
Tootja: Lionelo
Tootekood: 5903771700597
Alates 18.07.2024 Saadavus: 5 - 7 tööpäeva


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NB! Pildid on illustratiivsed!

The versatile Amber 3 in 1 stroller is an excellent proposition for parents looking for universal solutions. Comfortable and functional connection of the gondola with a stroller and a baby carrier meets the needs of even the most demanding users. Numerous accessories and intuitive solutions make the daily care and care of a child easier.

Lionelo Amber 3 in 1 received a bucket seat mounted forward or rearward facing. The stroller has a 3-step backrest adjustment that allows you to change the position from sitting to lying, as well as 3 positions of the footrest. The spacious Amber booth offers a lot of space to rest and at the same time effectively protects against the negative effects of weather conditions. In its upper part there is a window that allows parents to keep an eye on the baby and provides him with excellent ventilation. The roof is lined with a special material reflecting UV rays , which helps to maintain the optimal temperature inside the stroller.

The stroller is designed for children weighing up to 22 kilograms. The easy folding system to a compact size makes the stroller extremely easy to store and transport. Thanks to the equally simple disassembly, the product is ready for use, e.g. directly after removing it from the car boot. Amber also has a safety lock against self-assembly .

Light and damage-resistant frame made of aluminum makes the product easy to carry. Thanks to the universal adapters included in the set , the frame is adapted to the installation of popular car seats.

The trolley is equipped with click-mounted large, pumped and bearing wheels. Their rotation (360 °) and high durability make the product extremely maneuverable and comfortable, and thanks to the 5-step adjustment of the handle also very easy to guide. Amber has the ability to block the front wheels for driving straight ahead, which is especially useful when walking on uneven ground. To increase the baby's comfort while traveling, we have equipped the stroller with a double vibration reduction system , which consists of shock absorbers located in the rear and front wheels. However, thanks to the central brake with signaling, the guardian has full control over the stroller, regardless of the type of surface.

The safety of the child during the ride is ensured by 5-point belts , and the cushions attached to them increase the comfort of the journey, preventing the child's sensitive skin from rubbing. The double-sided detachable headband can be freely folded to the side, which allows you to conveniently place your baby in the stroller.

The product has undergone multi-stage verification in the form of a number of internal controls, and has also been tested in an independent certification laboratory, Bureau Veritas . The Amber model meets the requirements of the European safety standard EN 1888. The stroller is covered by a lifetime warranty and the Lionelo Assistance warranty program .

In addition to the comfortable stroller, the Amber 3 in 1 offers the possibility of using a spacious gondola (up to 9 kg), which can be easily folded into a compact size. The trolley set comes with a soft mattress with a removable cotton cover, machine washable. The inner material of the carrycot is easy to keep clean as most dirt can be removed with a damp cloth. Its sides are equipped with ventilation panels ensuring optimal air circulation inside the stroller. The baby is protected against the influence of various weather conditions by an extended canopy with a window . Thanks to the use of a comfortable handle the gondola also works well as a baby carrier.

The Amber 3 in 1 stroller set also includes a certified Lionelo Astrid car seat / baby carrier , which provides the possibility of comfortable and safe transport of a child from the first days of life. The product is equipped with 3-point adjustable belts with comfortable cushions to prevent chafing of the child's skin. Thanks to the special design of the Astrid headrest, it effectively protects the child's head in the event of a side impact. The lumbar insert and the breathable Dri-Seat insert take care of the little traveler comfort . The seat is installed with the rear-facing seat belts . The baby carrier has a roofprotecting the child from the sun, rain or wind. Light structure and removable upholstery make the product easy to transport and maintain.

Lionelo Amber 3 in 1 surprises at every step with its functionality and attention to the comfort of the child and the caregiver. The stroller is equipped with a universal mosquito net and rain cover that fit both the stroller and the gondola. Both accessories are stored in a special pocket located under the footrest. The product also has a set of undersuits that function as sleeping bags on colder days. The set of accessories is complemented by a practical and spacious bag with a changing mat. Amber has a spacious basketfor the necessary grooming accessories and toys, as well as small purchases. The fabric used in the trolley is distinguished by high resistance to abrasion and stretching. The material used is skin-friendly and easy to keep clean.

  • Set: stroller with bucket seat, gondola and Astrid baby carrier
  • Mounting the seat forward or rearward facing
  • Easily folds to a compact size
  • Backrest adjustment from sitting to lying position
  • Gondola mattress included
  • Universal adapters that allow the installation of a car seat
  • Adjustable handle
  • Pumped wheels with bearings
  • A rich set of accessories - a bag, a mosquito net, a rain cover, a changing mat, a cover for a gondola and a stroller
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